Things to Know before Moving from Canada to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an excellent destination to move to from Canada as it has beautiful sceneries and  very welcoming people. The small yet stunning country is known for its beautiful beaches, its delicious food, and it’s amazing rainforests.

costa rica forest

First Steps Upon Planning a Move to Costa Rica

If you are planning to move permanently to Costa Rica, then first you need to contact the embassy of Canada as well as the embassy of Costa Rica to obtain your visa. You should also open a bank account and schedule an appointment with your family doctor and dentist for a regular check-up so you are in good health before starting your new life in Costa Rica.

Another important step is to check in with Canadian Revenue Agency to make sure you have paid all your dues and taxes. Finding a job beforehand is very useful, but it is not a necessity! Costa Rica is less expensive than Canada but it’s not the cheapest country in Latin America. The average price of living in Costa Rica is approximately $1800 CAD – $2200 CAD a month. Costa Rica offers a public health system that is considered as one of the best health systems in the world, so this is definitely a huge bonus and relieves a lot of health related stress!

What should I look for in an International Moving Company?

Shipping goods all along the way from Canada to Costa Rica may seem difficult, but it isn’t if you hire a good international moving company! Keep the following things in mind when starting your search for an international moving company. 

  • Check customer reviews. 
  • Make sure that the mover is registered and has licensed to get the job done. Beware of the scams!
  • Make sure they have insurance to cover any damage done to your goods.
  • Since you are moving from Canada to Costa Rica, it is best to have your items sent by plane as it will be much quicker than by boat. 

Car shipping to Costa Rica

Unless they have a significant emotional attachment to their vehicle, most Canadians choose to leave their vehicles behind when moving to Costa Rica due to the import fees. You can still look for the best car shipping companies if you really want to move your car with you.

First steps upon arrival in Costa Rica

If you hadn’t secured lodging prior to your arrival, your first step upon arrival in Costa Rica would be to get in touch with a real estate agent so you can quickly find a place to live. 

If you have any children, find out about the best schools in the area. You should then open a bank account and get in touch with a bank agent to make sure all your finances are in order.

Average cost of utilities in Costa Rica

The average person in Costa Rica spends this amount of money on each of their utilities per month: 

  • Electricity: $50
  • Water: $10
  • Internet: $30
  • Cable: $60
  • Clothing: $50
  • Food/groceries: $400
  • Transportation: $130
  • Healthcare: $150

Internet set up in Costa Rica

If you want to get an internet connection in Costa Rica, then you may want to check out Kolbi or RACSA, the most important companies that provide home internet.

The Essential Insurance Coverage in Costa Rica

Costa Rica provides universal healthcare to all its citizens and residents for $80 CAD – $325 CAD a month depending on several factors such as age and income. You may also want to look into the following insurance: 

  • Private health insurance.
  • Car insurance.
  • Life insurance.

Cost of living in Costa Rica

The cost of your monthly expenses in Costa Rica will depend on your location, but the average cost will be approximately $1800 CAD – $2200 CAD.

Costa Rica beach

Find an Apartment or Home in Costa Rica

Begin your online research for your new residence in Costa Rica prior to your arrival so you can make sure you know what you want once you arrive. Upon arrival, get in touch with a real estate agent and they will assist you with your housing requirements. 

The housing in Costa Rica is rather affordable and depends on the location. For instance, one of the most affordable housing options is a studio apartment which usually starts at $300 including water, electricity, and internet. Remember that the closer your new residence will be to the city, the more expensive it will cost!

Where to do the groceries?

Wherever you are in Costa Rica you will most likely always find fresh produce in its stores. Most of the grocery stores accept both USD and Costa Rica Colones. The most popular grocery stores in Costa Rica are Auto Mercado, Mas x Menos, AMPM, PriceSmart, and La Feria del Agricultor.

What to Expect from your new life in Costa Rica?

Expect to lead a peaceful life in this country with its beautiful scenery and welcoming people. You will definitely fall in love with the vibrant culture! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your visa now and head to Costa Rica!

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