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Ideal for deep cleaning

945ml spray dispenser

Heavy duty degreaser to remove oil, grease, adhesive & kitchen soil.

Can be used on stovetops, appliances, countertops and more.

For stainless steel, aluminum, enamel.

Comes in a spray dispenser for easy of use.

Brand: Zep or equivalent

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Floor sweeper

Sweeping and mopping tool

1 mop + 10 refills

The only floor sweeper you need to clean floors when arriving at your new home.

The kit works both to remove dust and to perform a wet clean of the floor.

The Starter floor sweeper kit includes:

  • 1 Sweeper Device
  • 2 Dry Heavy Duty Cloths
  • 1 Wet Heavy Duty Pads
  • 5 Dry Sweeping Cloths
  • 2 Wet Mopping Pads

Safe on all finished floors.

Do not use on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive.

When you run out, save your Sweeper and buy more wet and dry cloth refills!

Brand: Swiffer or equivalent

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Ideal to clean floors from dust

1 broom + 1 dustpan

Standard residential broom and dustpan kit.

Brand: Vileda or equivalent.

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Heavy duty sponge

Ideal for deep cleaning

6 sponges

Heavy duty green and yellow scrub sponge for your deep cleaning.

Pack includes 9 sponges.

Brand: Scotch-Brite or equivalent

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Latex gloves

Ideal for deep cleaning

6 gloves

6 reusable yellow latex gloves for multiple cleaning uses. 

Size: large.

Brand: Soft Scrub or equivalent.

$6.99  |  Add to cart


Ideal to clean windows

765ml spray dispenser

Glass Cleaner 765 ml spray dispenser

Ideal to clean windows, glass tables and more!

$5.99  |  Add to cart


Ideal for deep cleaning

1.41L bottle

1.41L bottle of Lemon Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Can be used on wood, tile, laminate, showers, tubs, sinks, countertops, walls, stoves, garbage cans, and more.

Mix with water and use a mop or a cloth for best use.

Brand: Pine-sol or equivalent

$5.99  |  Add to cart

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